Big Air Milan: Mack and Norendal shine in qualifications

Italian Alberto Maffei makes home fans happy by entering the top-10 final (7 pm, TV live) in the Snowboard event, whilst American Kyle Mack claims the best score among men. Norway’s Silje Norendal first among ladies in the morning

The morning Snowboard qualifications of Big Air and The City had a nice surprise in store for the home fans in Milan, as Italian Alberto Maffei surprisingly claimed a spot among the top-10 who will compete for the podium in the finals under the Tree of Life, tonight from 7 pm.

Maffei, who has already secured his new World Cup personal best in Milan, qualified thanks to an 87.25 score on his first jump. The Italian finished finished fifth in a much-contested heat, topped by American Chris Corning with 90.00 points, ahead of Canadian Antoine Truchon (89.75), and two Finns, Rene Rinnekangas (89.00) and Roope Tonteri (88.00).

In the first heat, USA’s Kyle Mack had made the greatest impression, taking the best score of the whole morning with 92.50 points. His closer rivals were well distanced: Japan’s Hiroaki Kunitake (85.75), fellow American Redmond Gerard (84.75), World’s #1, Belgian Seppe Smits (79.00), and Czech Petr Horak (Czech Republic) rounded out the men’s line-up starting at 19.00.

Among Women, Silje Norendal (Norway, 88.75), Laurie Blouin (Canada, 88.50), Anna Gasser (Austria, 88.00), Cheryl Maas (Netherlands, 86.00), Katie Ormerod (Great Britain, 83.00) and Sina Candrian (Switzerland, 82.50) have claimed the six available spots for the finals.

Now it’s all down to the decisive round, starting at 19.00 and also live on television in plenty of Countries in Europe and beyond.