A great FISI season opens in the name of Big Air Milan

The Italian Winter Sports Federation presented in Milan its World Cup events’ calendar, to be inaugurated by the Freestyle Snowboard and FreeSki event at the EXPerience Park in Milan. FISI President Roda: “Big Air and the City an important display for the Federation and the Azzurri”

The 2017/2018 snow season in Italy will start in the name of Big Air and the City. Indeed, the two spectacular Freestyle races at the EXPerience Park in Milan – to be held on November 11th and 18th with the Snowboard and FreeSki World Cup rounds – will inaugurate the calendar of the World Cup’s events under the aegis of FISI, the Italian Winter Sports Federation that presented the upcoming winter season on Tuesday, November 10th, right in the heart of Milan.

In the crowded press conference at Terrazza Martini, Big Air and the City was highlighted among the most relevant Italian events taking place in a special year, leading out to next February’s Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang. Right in South Corea, Big Air Snowboard will debut as an Olympic sport, contributing to light up the attention on the sole World Cup’s stop of the specialty in Italy.

Big Air Milan will also be the only date on the Italian racing calendar to be performed away from the mountains, in one of the most important cities in Europe. The snow in the Lombardy’s metropolis is a tradition evoking important memories, according to FISI President Flavio Roda: “Bringing the snow to Milan is a dream for many – Roda explained –. Just think about the fact that Alberto Tomba claimed his career’s first important victory in a parallel slalom exhibition in San Siro. The Big Air Milan organizers, starting from the Committee President Franco Vismara, had the foresight to bring back a great event to Milan, and in the unique setting of the former Expo Area, one of the city’s most relevant and iconic places in recent years”.

Starting from last year’s success, with 25.000 people attending the inaugural edition, FISI President Roda underlined the importance of Big Air and the City among the events of the season: “Big Air Milan represents an important display for the Federation and for our athletes, such as Silvia Bertagna, who have the opportunity to prove their worth in front of the Italian fans. I am glad that Milan will host such an important event and I hope that it will turn out to be even this year a great success, both in technical and attendance terms”.

The countdown for Big Air and the City’s second edition has started. In a month, on Friday, November 10th, the Snowboard stars will return to the EXPerience Park, on the biggest snowy ramp in Italy, to train in view of Saturday 11th’s great challenge, when male and female winners of the World Cup’s important race will be crowned at night. The spectacle will take place again on the next weekend, on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th, with the FreeSki’s champions to hold the stage between the Italy Pavillion and the Tree of Life.

The great season of the winter sports took its first step in Milan. And right in Milan, Big Air and the City is ready to amaze everyone once again.